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Special Roll

30% - 40% Off
Yummy Roll
Crab, avocado topped w. B.B.Q eel
Reg. 14.00 Now 10.00
Beauty Alaska Roll
Crunch spicy salmon, avocado, topped w. fresh salmon
Reg. 14.00 Now 10.00
Infinity Roll
Spicy crab avocado inside, topped w. spicy tuna
Reg. 13.00 Now 10.00
Rainbow Roll
Crab, avocado, cucumber inside, topped w. tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white fish, avocado
Reg. 13.00 Now 10.00
Green Dragon Roll
Eel, cucumber inside, topped w. avocado
Reg. 13.00 Now 10.00
Cream Crab Roll
Crab stick, tempura w. cream cheese, avocado w. special sauce
Reg. 13.00 Now 10.00
Spicy Girl Roll
Crunch spicy tuna, yellowtail, topped w. spicy salmon
Reg. 14.00 Now 10.25
Fantastic Roll
Crunch spicy tuna, topped w. eel avocado
Reg. 14.00 Now 10.25
Fancy Roll
Spicy tuna, avocado and crab lightly fried and topped w. special sauce
Reg. 13.00 Now 10.25
Caterpillar Roll
Slice avocado roll up with spicy tuna & crunchy
Reg. 13.00 Now 10.00